We very much hope that you and your dogs enjoy your visit to Snibston Meadow.  Please be aware that by visiting the field you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions outlined below.

The field is to be used solely for the purposes of exercising and training dogs.  Entry to the field is strictly by appointment only.  Opening times vary depending on the time of year.


The maximum number of dogs per booking is four.  Dogs that appear unwell, are coughing, have sickness or diarrhoea, an infectious disease, or have been in contact with an infected animal are not permitted to attend the field.

Please ensure your dogs are vaccinated and wormed regularly and treated for external parasites if needed.

Bitches in season are not permitted to attend the field unless prior permission has been granted.

XL Bully type or other banned breeds of dogs may only be brought in a 1:1 ratio ie 1 dog and 1 handler per visit.  They must be registered on the Index of Exempted Dogs (IED), have up to date Public Liability Insurance, be neutered and microchipped.  They must be muzzled and held on a lead until locked inside the field and again before opening the gate to leave the field.  Copies of the IED Certificate of Exemption and Public Liability Insurance must be emailed to enquiries@snibstonmeadow.co.uk before the booking is made.


Children are very welcome to attend the field with a responsible adult.  They must be supervised by, and are the responsibility of, their parent or carer. 

Please be aware that there are no toilets or changing facilities on site.


All bookings should be made in advance through our website.  Bookings are for either 25 minutes or 55 minutes duration to allow 5 minutes between appointments. 


We have a car park on site.  Each booking may bring up to 2 vehicles to their session.

Please be aware that there is a 2.1m height barrier at the entrance to the car park.

Entering and exiting the field

Please keep dogs on leads in the car park as it is not secure.  Enter the secure field through the pedestrian gate (you will have received the lock code in advance) and close it behind yourselves.  You may then release your dogs.

Please leave the field promptly at the end of your visit.  Allow yourself time to get your dog’s safely on their leads before opening the pedestrian gate.  On exiting the field, please close the gate and lock the padlock behind you.

During your visit

We have tried our utmost to make the field secure but cannot guarantee that it is absolutely secure and suitable for every dog.  We inspect the fencing daily but please notify us immediately if you have any concerns.  Please contact us if you are unsure whether the field will be suitable for your dog.

Fresh water is available for your dogs to drink or to wash muddy paws.

Please clean up after your dogs and place waste in the poo bin provided near the entrance to the field.  Please also disposeof other litter such as broken dog toys, uneaten treats, or picnic leftovers in the general waste bin near the picnic area.

In the interests of our neighbours please do not allow your dogs to bark excessively, or your children to make too much noise either!

Please do not allow dogs to dig in the field.

As with any area of countryside, there may be natural hazards in the field such as stinging nettles and uneven ground.  Please wear appropriate footwear for the weather conditions on the day of your visit.  The grass may be slippery and muddy at times.

Rights and Responsibilities

Please be aware that the law regarding responsible dog ownership states that you should be always in control of your dog. This law still applies during your visit to the field.

Emergency contact numbers can be found on site.

The field owners do not take any responsibility for any loss, injury or accident that occurs to dog(s), owner, property, or other family or friends or for any vet bills arising from any incident that occurred during your visit.

Attending the field does not create any rights over the land, and the person hiring the field accepts that the landowner always maintains control and possession of the field.

All dog trainers must provide a copy of their Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance prior to using the field.  Dog walkers are also required to show their Public Liability insurance before using the field.